FBC's Turnout for VOICE's Sunday March 19 Meeting

  • Vienna Baptist Church 541 Marshall Road Southwest Vienna, VA, 22180 United States

What if Jesus came to you and said, ‘This is my vision for First Baptist Church of Manassas: We will become a blessing to this city and county. I want to see the people of this city and county flourish because this church exists.’  In a way, Jesus has already said this to you in His word (the Bible). How can you use your voice and influence to subtly change the purpose of your life and church so it more often seeks wholeness for its neighbor and neighborhoods?


First Baptist, we’re looking for 20 FBC members to join our VOICE Social Justice team at the annual VOICE meeting being held this Sunday, March 19 at 3:45pm at Vienna Baptist Church. This is where the decisions and directions of VOICE are made.  How do we follow a social justice mandate in our churches, offices, schools and neighborhoods? And how does it change our world when social justice works the way God intended? Join us and add your questions, affirmations, comments, and commitment to do justice and love mercy.

March 18
Church Meeting