Reverend Ernest Davis serves as the Parish Pastor.  In this capacity, he seeks God’s Will and the direction of the Senior Servant in bringing congregational care, prayer and encouragement to the Believers of Christ, to advance the Kingdom of God and in service to the body of Believers.

While serving as an ordained Deacon, Rev. Davis answered the call by God to the ministry.  Pastor Davis delivered his initial sermon in October 1977 at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Catharpin, Virginia. Pastor Davis was licensed in October 1977 and ordained in 1979 to become the Pastor of Mount Gilliam Baptist Church, Louisa, VA where he faithfully served for over 10 years.  Pastor Davis also served as Assistant Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Gainesville, VA for 12 years.

Pastor Davis has lived his faith by serving the community whenever called upon.    Pastor Davis is also called to visit and pray for the sick and shut in the community.

Pastor Davis is married to Deaconness Thelma Davis, and parents of two daughters, Michelle Davis-Younger (son-in-law James Younger) and Maxine Davis.  They are also the grandparents of James Gemare Younger, Joseph Davis and Kailyn Pelham-Younger.    

Pastor Davis lives by the motto “If I can help somebody…then my living will not be in vain.”

Pastoral Staff Position:

 Parish Care Pastor

The Parish Care Pastor shall have a vision to oversee the church’s Parish Care ministry that reaches out its shared faith and caring through caring opportunities to connect and impact the generations and congregation of First Baptist Church and the communities surrounding and beyond.

Within the Parish Care Ministry, the Parish Care Pastor’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working in collaboration with ministry teams which relate to the administration of Parish Care.
  • Leading in the design and implementation of the church’s Parish Care that provides an effective program of regular and meaningful visitation.
  • Developing a year-round program of Parish Care awareness and education into the life of the church. 
  • Encouraging teachers and other leaders to use materials interpreting Parish Care.
  • Provide guidance and education for lay members to learn how to do effective visitation of those who are ill and home-bound, and to support each other in their ministry.
  • Recommending, developing, and overseeing Parish Care ministry to the church body’s senior saints (62 years plus), home-bound, hospitalized, ailing and shut-in membership and to their families and caregivers that nurtures their healing (spiritual and physical) and continued connection.
  • Assist the Parish Care ministry in the preparation and interpretation of the Parish Care budget.
  • Act as a liaison with the greater ecumenical community and between FBC ministries regarding Parish care related matters.

 While also accountable for, with the assistance of a Parish Care ministry team:

 Advise and consult with the Senior Pastor on all of the above as a ministerial staff member and to cooperate in carrying out the policies and programs approved by the church body.  The Senior Pastor and Leadership in turn promise support, counsel, and assistance to the Parish Care Pastor in an effort to advance and enhance the Parish Care ministry and its programs wherever possible.