Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

A mission and vision statement attempts to summarize the local body’s (local church) purpose in a simple and succinct manner. It is a statement to be communicated to Internal (Body of Christ) and External (the unsaved) audiences.  Ministries and actions then serve this mission and vision that prayerfully results in all members of the body of Christ working on the same mission and vision.

However, the challenge is to produce understandable, exciting, and realistic statements to the church body. A mission and vision statement must inspire and make people want to participate in the mission and vision of the church.   Therefore, First Baptist Church, Manassas has endeavored to lay the foundation of its existence, persistence, and energy for the Kingdom of Heaven and glory of God!

Mission of First Baptist Church

Carry the Gospel Worldwide

Vision of First Baptist Church

Bring to Life the Kingdom of God

2018-2020 Theme

Abundant Grace – Abundant Giving – Abundant Service