We are grateful to God for leading you and/or your family to make the choice to serve the Lord with joy and gladness as an integral part of the First Baptist Church of Manassas family.

We desire to labor along side you that we may, together, lay a common foundation of Christian faith, unfailing understanding and teaching to familiarize each new family member with First Baptist Church of Manassas and rich Christian doctrines.

Becoming a true Christian (disciple of Christ) is far more important than making perfunctory professions of faith with our lips or being saturated with water baptism without faith or partaking in gluttonous feast as a shallow form of Holy Communion.  Your true profession, baptism, and Communion indwell us with God’s Holiness and true power when you become a true Disciple of Christ in spirit and in truth.


Some of the topics covered are:

  • Welcome to the Family
  • Uniqueness of the Christian Family
  • The Church Covenant
  • Responsibilities of Family
  • Personal Purity, Relational Integrity, Organizational Loyalty
  • Ordinances in the Baptist Church
  • Core Beliefs of the Family
  • Biblical Stewardship
  • Congregational Autonomy
  • Commitment to the Family
  • Spiritual Warfare